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Diversity + Inclusion

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It's Not Just an Initiative -
It's Part of Our 

At Linbeck, we have always embraced diversity in thought and perspective. This is reflected in our Guiding Principles that emphasize “Respect for the Individual."  Linbeck's mission, strategies, and expectations support a workplace where varying opinions happen naturally and take their place at center stage--regardless of gender, race, or nationality. By bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, we are able to support our communities as they bring better ideas, perspectives, and experiences to the table. This belief is woven throughout our organization.

Linbeck is proudly run and operated by a diverse group of individuals. Nearly one half of Linbeck employees are a member of a minority group, including women and minority groups in leadership positions. By following our Guiding Principles , we have created a stronger company that is better equipped to serve our clients. In the end, our commitment to diverse thought has been part of our culture for over 80 years. It’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and who we will always strive to be.

Minority Business Outreach

It takes a team to build complex projects.

Our commitment to working with and bolstering our communities extends to working with fellow contractors. Linbeck utilizes Mentor-Protégé programs that allow us to engage and advise builders throughout Texas. Amazing things happen when we work together and mutually strive for each other's success.

We Are 





Linbeck actively seeks and obtains minority- and women-owned business participation at every level of the supply chain, including first- and second-tier subcontractors, material suppliers, equipment rental firms, and other service providers in the construction industry.

But shouldn't sparking change within our communities begin earlier? We think so. Through various student programs and internship opportunities, Linbeck offers indelible learning experiences to today's youth that allow them to learn, grow, and discover their potential. These opportunities are how we can ensure the next generation of builders--and even non-builders--understand their value as individuals.

By investing in and developing the most comprehensive workforce for our projects, we believe we can change the future of construction and provide a more comprehensive team.

Partner with Us

If you are a small, minority, or women-owned business and are interested in learning more, we invite you to explore our Trade Partner page and complete our Prequalification Form to become a part of the Linbeck team today.
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