Internship Program "Building Builders"

TCU - Rees-Jones Hall

Training and Development

Interns have access to our Safety, Quality and Productivity (SQP) classes that cover various topics, such as change orders, RFI’s and sub procurement.




Interns will be assigned to a project in the Houston, Fort Worth or San Antonio areas.


Lunch and Learn

Interns can attend "Lunch and Learns" along with Linbeck employees. The classes typically focus on key processes and software. Interns are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas for continuous improvement.


Jobsite Tours

Each intern will conduct a tour of his/her assigned project for the other interns and Client Executives.


Shop Tours

Interns are invited to attend tours of subcontractor shops to learn how subcontractors prepare for projects.


Community Service Initiative

Interns can join Linbeck employees and volunteer for local non-profit organizations, such as Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, BARC, and the Houston Food Bank.



Interns are invited to social events, such as bowling, barbecues, baseball games and dinner with a senior manager.

Intership at Linbeck

We welcome inquiries about Interships at Linbeck.

Please email Human Resources to submit your resume for consideration.


- Human Resources

If you have an access code, click here to view and apply for a position.