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Our Culture

Living out our mission to Be Impactful.

At Linbeck, our culture is defined by the shared values and aligned behaviors that build upon our extensive skills and experiences and ultimately deliver amazing results. Guided by our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, we are:

Service oriented, dedicated to aligning ourselves with our clients’ goals and focused on value creation.

Opportunity based, where self-starters excel, and performance and achievement are rewarded.

A nurturing family, as we support each other and are accountable to one another.

We also believe in “accountability with grace”, recognizing the value in forgiveness and learning from mistakes. Linbeck’s three rules for forgiveness are:

  1. Own your mistake (don’t rationalize, minimize, or point blame)
  2. Learn from it
  3. Don’t do it again

These fundamentals help inform our larger purpose: giving back to our communities. Our associates are just as committed to building up our communities as they are to building for them. No matter our project locations, our people are inspired to volunteer for and partner with local non-profits through our Community Service Initiative (CSI). The Houston SPCA, Cook Children’s Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House (Houston and Fort Worth), BookSpring in Austin, the Houston Food Bank, the Center for Transforming Lives in Fort Worth, the Harris Health System in Houston, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity in North Texas are just a few of the many we support. Additionally, we host annual clay shooting tournaments in Houston and North Texas, which have led to more than $80,000 in donations to various charities in the last two years.

All of this is reflected in our Business Actionable Mantra: “Be Impactful”.

Our Business Actionable Mantra – “Be Impactful”