Linbeck remains an industry leader in technology, utilizing our capabilities in every phase of the preconstruction and construction process to increase efficiency, optimize cost and maximize the value of every project we build.

We strongly feel the practical application of technology is essential to increasing productivity, eliminating waste, and ensuring the highest quality in modern design and construction.

Linbeck employs a diverse array of VDC/BIM tools and technologies, all completed in-house. Of particular note are spatial coordination, 3D modeling, 360° reality capture using HoloBuilder, laser scanning, 3D printing, drone mapping via DroneDeploy, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 4D scheduling.

Additionally, more than 20% of Linbeck’s project engineers and project managers hold Part107 Remote Pilot certifications. This enables us to capture aerial imagery of ongoing construction projects internally, without relying on third-party pilots while remaining FAA compliant. These capabilities provide our project teams with an extra set of eyes on the jobsite at no extra cost to our clients. It’s a win-win.